My Curriculum | Podcast

I put my CV in a podcast! Or maybe I put a podcast in my CV. It is a light and alternative way of telling my story. But mostly an invitation to find your own way of expressing yourself and add originality and personality to often anonymous objects and processes. The podcast is in italian.


My Curriculum

After hours spent fitting my working life into an A4 sheet of paper, I said enough is enough. I want to take the space to tell who I am, what I do and how I do it.

Episode 1

From 0 to UX

Paraphrasing my work life with a hint of irony, I spend my days tidying up before creating meaning, trying to convince others to do the same.

Episode 2

Before a design process

The hardest thing in my job (in all jobs) is not learning how to apply a methodology or learning how to use a new tool. The hardest thing is learning to listen, to show understanding rather than competence. Then, if empathy doesn’t work as well…listening to this episode might help you.

Episode 3

Before starting a project

Each team has its own valid reasons for wanting certain things. Everyone is right. Okay, but so how do you define the goal of a project? The only answer to that question is a question.

Episode 4

But in the end, did I get a job?

With this podcast I did not want to replace the words written in a resume with an audio track, but I wanted to give those words a voice that would enrich the story of who I am.